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I’ve sat through a lot of job interviews, and the same old questions get asked: Why do you want to work here? What makes you stand out? And of course talking about your strengths and weakness. But here’s a new one I was asked recently:
“What motivates you?”
I had to sit there and think about my answer before responding. Let me tell you the story of Elephant & Chick, and maybe you’ll see what motivates me.
In the fall of 2013, I found out that my two older sisters were pregnant. (How fun to be pregnant with your sis at the same time?!). We soon found out that one was a boy, and one was a girl. My family was more than excited (if that’s even possible).
Baby Boy was due first. In the months leading up to his birth, Baby Boy’s mom bought nothing but elephant themed things for him. I mean, he has everything you could ever think of: stuffed animals, toys, books, pictures, onsies – you name it! Naturally, my husband and I decided his Spirit Animal was an elephant. And to further prove it, Baby Boy was delivered a week after his due date - aka: A longer gestational period = Spirit Animal was definitely an elephant (we’re not crazy into this stuff, just kinda-sorta. Promise.).
Baby Girl came a few months later. Because of her last name, we started calling her “The Chick.” Even after the babies were born, the animals elephant and chick stuck with them.
When this company was only still an idea, we thought long and hard for a name; a name that would fit the personality of the company, as well as stand for something important. We wanted a name that centered on what motivated us most:
My family is really close. I know I can count on them anytime, anywhere. Currently, we’re spread out all around the country, living on the West Coast, East Coast, The South and anywhere in-between. Elephant & Chick is a place where we can gather as sisters and feel like we’re in the same room working together on a project. Just like when we were growing up.
Here at Elephant & Chick, we’re just a few sisters trying to make a difference in the world. We’re excited to get started, thanks for joining us!
So, what motivates you?