Recipe Round Up-- Week 1

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This is the first post of its kind.  Every week my sister {Shannon} or I will post our meal plan for our family with you.  These are recipes we are planning on making in our home that week and therefore will include normal ingredients and it will be budget friendly.  The recipes come from blogs we consistently follow or pinns we have pinned on pinterst.  But don't worry, we did all the guess work for you!  If we post the recipe, it means we loved it.
My sister and I started swapping weekly meal plans a little bit ago.  I love it!  It means I only have to come up with meal every other week. {happy smiley face}  We hope these recipes are as convenient for you as they are for us.
We will be posting five meals a week. Yes we know there are seven days in a week, but between leftovers, date nights and FFYS (fend-for-your-self-night) we find that five meals is the perfect number of meals to plan for a week.
Let's roll..
Slow Cooker Sweet Teriyaki Chicken
Wednesday: BLT's
We want to hear from you!  Leave your comments below of food blogs you follow and input on the kinds of recipes you'd like to see in the future.
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