Donut Crawl Party

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Happy Monday!

We had an awesome weekend & I hope you did too!  My husband was invited to a TED talk Saturday and my daughter and I went to a birthday party where she "rode" her first pony.  

By the time Thursday's roll around each week I find myself looking forward to the weekend with great anticipation.  I love that our little family of 3 get to spend some time together.  We usually all wake up and make breakfast together and spend the morning in our Pj's.  We have a bumbo seat we'll put Penelope in and set her on the kitchen counter to watch us cook. We then refer to her as the "sous chef." haha 
Have you ever made German Pancakes?  It always seem to be our default breakfast on Saturdays.  We can't get enough of it.  It was the same way growing up with my siblings.  We would delegate responsibilities for "Saturday Morning German Pancakes" (we were all about everything being even, you know).  One sister would make the batter, another would be in charge of washing dishes (always the least favorite job), a sister would set the table and another would make an Orange Julius for everyone.  My youngest brother always seemed to get off scotch free.  huh... (how do I get that job?)

Another highlight of this past weekend was attending church.  I felt uplifted spiritually and seemed to walk out of church thinking "okay, another week coming up... i can do this!"  You could say church inspires me!  The church I attend has three different hours of church where we learn how to become better people.  Since becoming a mother, my favorite hour of church lately is the hour all the women meet together.  I love sitting in a room full of women and feeling of their love and support.  Being a mamma is hard! amazing, but hard! I'll show up to church exhausted from the emotional drain of the week and by the end of church I am ready to go for another week.    

Can anyone relate? What do you do to recharge your batteries for the upcoming week?

How about a donut crawl?!  

A couple weeks ago my sister Shannon asked me to make a 'Donut Crawl Sheet.' She had plans to host some youth in her neighborhood and have a donut crawl.  

The idea is you get a bunch of the same flavors of donuts from different donut shops and then rate them according to the above scale.

Believe it or not the night before she was going to host the Donut Crawl one of the donut shops closed, so they canceled the crawl.  

Therefore, I knew I had to share the sheet with you... someone needs to put it to good use!  

With the holidays right around the corner I am always looking for a "new" and "different"
 party to throw.  I think a donut crawl is just what i'm looking for.  

The above crawl sheet is specific to San Francisco and the three donut shops she was going to use 
Download the following sheet (link below) and fill in the donut shops you will be using for your own crawl.  

download the donut printable {here}

Happy donut eating!