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With today being the first day of October, I thought it would be fitting to share a free digital download with y'all made from yours truly.  I also wanted to show how I used it to decorate.

I love working in photoshop and am always looking for things to create.  I designed my daughter's artwork in her nursery that I'm excited to share it with you a little later on.

This Halloween is particularly special to me because it is the first Halloween we will be spending in our new home.  

And you know what that means?


Yay! I have a front door (as opposed to an apartment door - no one ever seemed to trick or treat at my apartment complex). I will be able to pass out candy!

Its the simple things in life...

Anyway, back to the Printable.  

It is inspired from the Shakespeare Play "Macbeth," when the three witches are in a dark cave standing around their cauldron.

Very Halloween(ish) I know!

I've always been into the cutesy parts of Halloween like friendly ghosts (Casper), Charlie Brown (The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown), and avoiding the scary gruesome parts of Halloween (cue Haunted Houses).

Can you relate?

This year I decorated my family room wall to represent some family memories we had last year around the Halloween Holidays.

You'll see a picture of the pumpkins we carved last year when we visited our good friends in Connecticut.

And the pumpkins my husband and I carved to announce on social media that we were pregnant!
Best way to announce ever.

Also, an adorable picture of a little girl dressed up like a witch.  Penelope in a couple of years? I think so.

You'll also see my tribute to Fall, which feels a little forced here in Texas seeing as it is still over 90 degrees everyday (I went swimming yesterday afternoon! Just sayin').

But my favorite part of this wall are the bats & the Halloween Printable.

Whoever decided that bats can be cutesy around Halloween is brilliant!  Shannon will give you DIY post on how to make this bat wall come to life (including a digital download template of the bats!) next Wednesday so stay tuned.

Below is the 8x11 Halloween Printable for you to enjoy. Just click on the link below to download it.



{Please link back to this post when referring/sharing the digital download. This download is for personal use only and can not be reproduced.}


  1. When Anne saw this picture on Instagram, she lit right up and said, 'I know where that is!" We love your house.

    1. Yay! I love that. Your family is always welcome!!

  2. Your house looks so cute and festive!

    1. Ah, thank you. Trying to keep up with you!!!