Recipe Roundup- Week 6

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After my crockpot sat on the shelf all summer, it is finally that time of year to pull it out for the season!  I forget how much I love recipes that are made in the crockpot.  Anything that cooks low and slow for 8 hours is bound to be amazing.  And these recipes are no exception.  
My mom always says "if dinner's prepared before 10 am you know you'll be eating well tonight!" You better believe we did a lot of 'crockpot' meals growing up.  It's in my blood to love crockpot recipes as much as I do.  

I have also included two recipes that are not crockpot, to give your slow cooker a little mid-week break.  

Up first is a unanimous new family favorite. My husband has already requested this meal twice since the first time I made it two weeks ago.  Heads up, this recipe freezes well! I made the original recipe proportions and then froze half of it to have for another meal.  The real surprise was how much Penelope (my 6 month old daughter) loved this meal.  No joke.  She hasn't really been loving the whole pureed veggies and cereal food we've been giving her, but this, she loves!

Penelope+veggie chili pureed = happy baby!       

You could say she has a very advanced palette.  ;) 

I just threw a little bit of it in our Vitamix with some water and blended the heck out of it.  I gave some to her and then put the rest of it in ice cube trays (see link above for how-to) for her to have the next couple nights for dinner.  

When you want a to jazz up a simple comfort meal, Tuesday's Meal has your back.  This  

There is nothing like having a typical "Sunday Meal" smack dab in the middle of the week.  Especially when you just throw everything in the crockpot and walk away.   

I know, I know.  You already have a chicken noodle soup recipe.  Yes, but is it a crockpot-chicken-noodle-soup-recipe? Yeah, your welcome.  

Fridays = cheese and carbs.  Need I say more?  

Friday:  Pepperoni Calzones 

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