Recipe Roundup - Week 7

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Happy Halloween everyone! I love that Halloween falls at the end of the month - gives me plenty of time to pull out my decorations and make all the ghost-and-pumpkin-themed treats my heart desires (Think about the 4th of July. Because it's at the beginning of the month, you hardly have time to decorate once July rolls around!).

As always, my meal plan for today is a little bit of everything. Let me know which one ends up being your favorite!

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Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

These are amazing. It seems that whenever I make these, we always have last-minute guests joining us for dinner, but it's always been a hit! Everyone asks for the recipe so here it is!

I love Olive Garden. Period. It was always my go-to choice for girls nights in college. I first ordered this dish with one of my best friends after a long day of studying at the library and I've never ordered anything else since. This is so easy to throw together and tastes EXACTLY like the one at the restaurant.

These are a little more work to throw together, but totally worth it! I love the nugget spin on such a classic dish. I always serve these nuggets with sweet potato fries - just seems fitting to pair fries with nuggets.

Favorite Fajitas
When I got married, I got a bunch of cook books as gifts. One day, I picked up Favorites and started marking meals that looked yummy (and do-able). These fajitas were one of the keepers. The lime-marinated chicken is packed with flavor. You'll want to bookmark this one for a busy night.
(Since the recipe is from a printed cookbook, you'll find the recipe in the pdf download and the end of the post. Find the link underneath the Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe).

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza
BBQ chicken pizza is just classic. We've all had it at a pizza restaurant, but have you ever tried making it? Download the recipe pdf (link below) to find the recipe AND our favorite homemade whole-wheat pizza dough recipe (well, it's originally Robyn's recipe so give her credit for that part).

Download all the recipes HERE.