Hello, Thanksgiving! {And E&C's First Giveaway!}

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Happy November everyone! What a great time of year. It's a month before all of the Christmas-craziness, and a time where our focus is on remembering those things we are thankful for. And of course a time where diet is just a four-letter word and food is on the top of everyone's mind.

And, as you've noticed, we've got a new treat for you: Thanksgiving name cards to add to your table decor for the feast.

You can find more details about the name cards in our Shop. They come in three different colors: green, orange, and yellow.

Okay, so if the burlap and adorably cute feathers haven't done it for you yet, check this out. Inside the name card is a stamped insert for each guest to write what they are thankful for. They can always remember what they were thankful for moments before they stuffed their face in 2014.

If THAT still isn't doing it for you, we've got a second option you can check out. These are more traditional name cards to be placed at the top of the plate. The name cards will be mailed blank (as shown), and you are welcome to write each guest's name on the top-right corner (see more pics here).

Elephant & Chick is also excited to announce our first ever giveaway! We're giving away a set of SIX Thanksgiving name cards (winner gets to choose which set they'd prefer).

Here's what you need to do to enter:

1. Repost the picture below on either Instagram or Facebook.
2. In the caption, say one thing you are particularly grateful for this year.
3. Be sure to tag E&C!! (Instagram: @elephantandchick; Facebook: Elephant & Chick), or use #elephantandchick

The giveaway ends THIS FRIDAY (November 7) at 5 pm PST.

Good luck!