Recipe Round up- Week 8

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Getting anywhere with kids takes twice as long.  Running to the store before Penelope (my 6-month-old daughter) was born, use to be just that... you would drop whatever you were doing at home, grab your purse and run to the store. 

Now, there is no such thing as "running to the store."  It takes me a good 15 minutes to get out the door to go anywhere.  Honest to goodness I couldn't tell you what i'm doing during that 15-minute-prep-to-leave-the-house-maddness but that's not the point.    

Yesterday, I decided I was going to challenge myself and try and take less time to get out the door... and I did!  In fact, I cut my time in half.  Hello 7.5 minutes back into my life,  I welcome you.  

After Penelope and I made it into the car,  I decided it was time to introduce her to a pumpkin bagel from Einstein's (because hello I have 7.5 minutes of my life back).  

After ordering a Pumpkin schmear while we waited in line to pay, I rave to Penelope about the bagel and how she's just going to go goo-goo over it.  To my dismay, I reached down into my purse to grab my wallet and womp womp my wallet was not there.   


So... I guess we learned what I do with that extra 7.5 minutes that i really do need before I leave the house: I run around and look for my wallet like a crazy lady.  


Since I have Pumpkin on the brain I bring you 5 pumpkin recipes for this week's Recipe Round up!

  Bonus points if you remember to take your wallet to the store to actually purchase the ingredients for the recipes.  

Do you have a donut pan?  #YOLO get one.  You will not regret it.  Neither will your friends, who you will make these donuts for.  They will love you forever.  My friend Hannah made these at our daughter's playgroup a couple weeks ago and they were SO good I had two.  TWO.  Guys, do you know how much butter is in scones and I had TWO..... 
Just turn the other way when you dump all that buttery goodness into the mixing bowl.  
You may regret it later, but its worth it now.  

This is to compensate for all the unhealthy goodness I am posting about today.  This recipe is so tasty! Go crazy and cook it in a pumpkin  

Yes, I will be yet another person in the blogosphere that says they have the best Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  But you should believe me.  My friend Micah made this recipe for me while our husbands were at school late one night. Needless to say we were basically husbandless for the year-and-a-half our husbands went to school for their Masters Degree
We ate our feelings in cookies.   

Its a real thing! as it should be.  YUM. 

Happy Pumpkin Eating.  


  1. Ah! Forgetting your wallet is the worst. Especially when you're already waiting in line!! I love this week's theme though - those cookies are definitely a staple around here :)

    1. Seriously. I was looking at the person behind me in line and thought about asking if they could spot me five bucks! .... even though I would never see them again.

  2. 2 things:
    - I was REALLY surprised/flattered when you ate 2 scones. Normally you take your sweet time with eating our play group snacks-sometimes not even finishing them. I always admire your self control! (And don't worry, I had at least 4 of those scones.)
    - Literally this morning I was thinking about how you are always so on top of things and that your life must be so calm and organized all of the time. It's nice to see you forget you wallet sometimes too. :)

    1. Oh boy, Hannah if you only knew what a typical day was like in my life. Come on over and be a fly on my wall! You'll get a good laugh in, I know i always do.