Recipe Round Up - Week 9

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Ok, have you all been enjoying the recipes as much as I have?  I hardly have enough days in the week to try all the recipes shared by my amazing sisters here on the blog.  We have found multiple new favorites that have already made it into our family menus multiple times over the course of the past few weeks.  Which have been your favorites?  We'd love to hear when you try them out and like or don't like them.

This week I've been off work.  I took some extended vacation (slash finishing out my maternity leave benefit) and am staying at home with Tagg full time.  So far it's been great!  First order of business - baby proofing our house.  Our little man is on the move, and he moves fast... and straight for the plugs and cupboards every time!  I've also been keeping busy fulfilling orders for all of your Thanksgiving tables.  We've been overwhelmed by the support we've seen via orders through the store.  Keep 'em coming -- I'm on a roll!  (See holiday teaser at the end of the post, P.S.)

Here's the lineup for this week - some Quinn family favorites.  As promised in my earlier post a few weeks ago, another freezer meal!  And yes, two meals with penne, but they're different enough, and both delicious, so I'm sharing together regardless.  I figure, it's one step simpler for you on your grocery list, which is significant for me since my grocery delivery service recently stopped serving my area.  I'm devastated.  Anyway...

Happy eating!

Baked Chicken Penne (Freezer Meal!)

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