A wHiTe(??) Christmas

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Guys-I have never heard so much talk about the weather than I have in this past week.  My Four Sisters and I have all grew up in Utah and well...I'm the only one here now and still growing up:)  Utah at this time of year is usually having snow storm after storm and just piling on the snow.  Check it--I snapped this photo yesterday:

Looks a little like fall, right?  But honestly, I'm not complaining.  I'm a nanny and keeping this somewhat warm weather around as been fantastic!  Except, I totally might regret saying that come a couple of days before Christmas..but I guess I just get to experience this holiday season how over half the world does.

At this time of year I'm usually frantically trying to finish up my neighborhood/friend gifts and feeling rushed to get them out.  This year, I feel no rush because I keep waiting on the snow!  Now that, I will blame on the snow (my procrastination--it reminds me of the latest Dunkin' Donut commercial "Just waiting for inspiration to hit.").  But here a few ideas I've had for gifts that might get your wheels turning if you're still looking for ideas:

  • bags of peppermint bark (super simple to make (click name for recipe) or can buy at Costco) 
  • caramel and chocolate covered pretzels (put like 3 in a bag tie off with bow)
  • Homemade caramels
all that can be put in a cellophane bag with a pretty bow and topped with a cute E&C tag (see merchandise here)

Happy Holidays!