Christmastime is Here

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Hi Everyone! Let me be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas on behalf of all four of us here at Elephant & Chick.

There are two things I absolutely love about the beginning of December:

1) The first occurs the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, there's the whole Black Friday madness, but it's also the day my mom pulls out the boxes and boxes of Christmas decor stored in the basement. We turn up Michael Buble's Christmas album, and spend the rest of the day transforming the house into a magical winter wonderland.

And 2) I grew up in Salt Lake City, meaning December = snow, and lots of it. There's just something so magical about waking up on a cold December morning to a fresh blanket of beautiful snow.

Now that I live in San Francisco though, December has been a little different. Well, my mom did fly me home to SLC to decorate for Christmas a few weeks early (isn't she the best?!). Mom's always know just what you need, and this year, I definitely needed this.

And as for the snow, I'm liking this whole 60-degreens-in-December thing.

I live in a 450 square foot apartment. My husband and I actually really enjoy the small space. It keeps us minimalistic. The downside is that there's simply no room for a Christmas tree. #tear No worries though, I came up with a solution! I made a 2-D Christmas tree out of washi tape and gold tinsel. Not too shabby, eh?

It doubles as the perfect place to hang all my Christmas cards. And, the presents finally have a home! Right where they belong - under the sparkling Christmas tree.