DIY Felt Bows {for any age}

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When my daughter, Penelope, was born I was so surprised to see a head full of hair on her!  

Penelope one week old.

Neither my husband or I were born with hair, so we didn't see it coming.  During my pregnancy I had been stashing lots and lots of headbands because I thought that was what I would use for at least a year. Welp, I was wrong.  Turns out, with that head full of hair headbands just slipped right off!  I decided to make a couple felt bows to see how they would work, and now they are my favorite go to bow!   

Penelope 8 months old.  
You can use a template like I did, or you could draw out the shape you want yourself.    

For my first attempt at making felt bows I sewed the pieces together.  I didn't like the result because I felt it made for a loose bow and you could see my stitching throughout the bow- an unclean look i didn't like.  The second bow I made, I used my hot glue gun and glued the pieces together, this worked very well and took at least half the time! 

Lets get started!

You can check out our guide on Guidecentral, here.  

Step 1: Trace & cut out your fabric

I ended up making 8 bows.

Step 2:  Turn your glue gun on and glue one side of the bow

Step 3: Fold over the other side of the bow and glue

Step 4: Place the small rectangle of felt below the bow and glue together

Step 5: Glue the bottom of the bow on top of the last piece of fabric

Step 6:  Glue a clip (or  headband etc...) to your felt bow.  

Ta da! Now wasn't that easy.  Enjoy!   

Have you ever made a bow? If so what kind?