Happy Birthday Genevieve - Recipe Roundup

9:15 AM Elephant & Chick 2 Comments

Today is our sister Genevieve's Birthday! 
 I love that her birthday is right after Christmas and the New Year... let the holidays continue!  Every year it seems like, we would go ice skating for her birthday.  This year she is in a boot (she had a medical procedure done the day before Christmas) so that definitely won't be happening, but the siblings can reminisce our favorite stories of falling on the ice and sipping on hot chocolate. 

I would like to take the time and express how much I love Genevieve.  She is the youngest of the four sisters, but you would never know it by the way she acts.  She is the thoughtful one in the bunch.  She is always thinking and looking after others.  If you need someone to listen, you call Genevieve.  

In honor of Genevieve, I am going to post her favorite three meals. 

Happy Birthday Sister! 



  1. Those recipes always remind me of G. Happy birthday girl!

    1. Make one of these recipes for dinner tonight, and suddenly she won't feel so far away!