Recipe Round-Up Week 14

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When my husband and I first got married and eating every meal together, we decided I'd be in charge of dinner every night.  At the time I had both more time on my hands (jobless for the summer) and more of an affinity for food than him, so it seemed like a natural fit.  His one request was that we have a salad for dinner every once in a while.  At the time, this seemed absolutely crazy to me.  Really??  Only a salad for dinner?  In the home I grew up this rarely, if ever, happened.  Salads were a side dish only and usually optional.  A complete paradigm shift for me.  Plus, with my (albeit minimal) experience with salads, I'd determined that I did not like salads in general.  (Looking back I can see this is obviously a crazy generalization - salad recipes are about as varied as it gets.)

Welp, with only that one request from my new husband, I set out to find a salad that both of us could enjoy for dinner that week.  I searched through every cookbook I'd brought in the marriage and finally found one that seemed like a good "compromise" ... not too salad-y, meaning lots of fruit.  Long story short, it was a complete flop.  Turns out the one thing he doesn't like in a salad is fruit.  

Four years later I'm proud to announce I have made miles of progress in the liking salads department.  I've found many salads that I enjoy eating regularly, a few of which are listed below for you.  One of the turning points for me was learning about homemade dressings.  I'll eat just about any salad dressed with a dressing I've made from scratch.  All of these fit in to that category.  There's a tip for those of you with picky-eaters in the house.  Have them prepare the food along with you!  I started eating a lot more varied foods when I prepared them myself and could see the "building blocks" of previously mysterious sauces, dressings, etc. 


And one bonus recipe - who doesn't love soup with their salad?  And because I still have a hard time eating ONLY salad for dinner...  Turns out it's just as hard to write a post with ONLY salad recipes.


  1. Lauren, I really liked the tortellini salad! The dressing was yummy. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Oh good! We're so glad you liked it. We'll have to have Lauren keep an eye out for more recipes like it! -Robyn