Valentines Day Discovery Bottle

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Valentines Day is in full swing around our house.  After I took Christmas down, I immediately decorated for Valentines Day!  The house always feels so empty after all the Christmas decorations are taken down and if I were to decorate the start of February there are only two short weeks till Valentines Day. 

Having a baby around, I am always looking for ways to incorporate decorations into what she play with.  My mom sent us a package the other day filled with Valentines Day goodies (see above picture).  I knew just what I was going to make with them: a Valentines Discovery Bottle!!!

The process is simple:

1)  Fill you water bottle with your objects

2)  Add water

3)  Screw the lid on.

4)  And Flip (see our video in action here)

It is our new favorite toy around the house these days.  My wheels are already turning for what i'm going to put in her "St. Patricks' Day Discovery Bottle."

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