De-clutter Your Life

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Do you ever feel like you are just buried in school, work, after school activities with the kids, or whatever else?  This is how I felt mid-week last week and I really just wanted to pretty much scream and pull my hair out.

  The thing was, I felt buried of all these things I really enjoy and want to do/accomplish.  The thing was though, I was stressing over good things in my life—school, work, volunteering, was just overwhelming!  So I had a “De-clutter my life” moment.

I’ll explain..

When I was little, and my sisters will attest to this (I know this because it still comes up in conversations!), I spent a fair amount of time in my room.  Not because I was grumpy or I was being sent to my room all the time, I just did..and I was usually cleaning.  This eventually became a “joke” because whenever my mom called for me or someone was looking for me, I’d call back saying I was cleaning my room.  BUT!  I really was cleaning—I was going through papers that had accumulated on my desk, or deciding which birthdays cards I was going to save, or what clothes I could get rid of that I wasn’t wearing anymore..I just seemed to do it a lot.

I wish saying this meant I had a super clean room all the didn’t and still doesn’t necessarily.

As I’ve grown up and lived away from home for a time, I’ve realized it’s how I deal with stress.  That in those moments when I feel like my life is piling up on me, I look at things I can keep within my reach (like cleaning, exercising) and put my frustration in managing them.

Talking with some of my friends, I’ve found that we share this same stress reliever action.  We were talking the other day and someone said something that then really got me thinking.  I’m really good at going through things in my room like clothes and papers, but what about other aspects of my life??  Here’s what I came up with:

If you're like me and you’re in a store and the they are offering a percentage off if you sign up for emails, I will do it. I’m all for it…but then I go through my inbox and it seems about 40 of them are just ads and promotions and I end up deleting them without even reading them!  Unsubscribe from them.  It’s an un-needed thing.  After going through my emails I decided to look at the apps on my phone.  I know for a fact I do not use all my apps but I guess it was always comfort in way knowing that the app was there (that I downloaded two years ago).  I got rid of over half of my apps.  The I went to my music.  Whenever I put my music on shuffle I skip the same 5 songs because, well because I honestly have no idea how they ended up on my phone..but I never got rid of them.  And the ideas just kept coming!! What other ideas can you come up with??

So take my advice.  If life and things just seem to be piling up, take control and manage the things you can.  I did this, and even though I still had to face that big pile of things in front of me, I was amazed at how much happier and worthwhile it was to me.