Red & White Dinner

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It's been a tradition ever since I can remember. My family could expect Red and White Dinner every Valentine's Day.

The concept is simple: only serve foods that are either red or white.

As kids, we all loved it. It was fun to think of all the foods that were either red or white.

When I left the nest and moved away for college, my roommates loved it! It was a fun bonding experience for us, and something for us to all look forward to since none of us had boyfriends...

My freshman roommates and me
My sophomore roommates and me, with a few of our guy friends (funny enough, the kid sitting next to me is now my husband)
My mom hosted Genevieve and her date and friends for dinner before the Valentine's Day Dance

And now, it's a fun dinner for Cameron and I to have the week leading up to Valentine's Day.

I kept things pretty simple. No extravagant centerpiece or decorations - just used things that were on hand. Most of the time though, my centerpiece involved some kind of candy for us to snack on before dinner. :)

Here's what we came up with:

Brushetta (okay I actually didn't make this, but I really really wanted to!)

Main dish: 
Spaghetti and red sauce

Fruits and Veggies:
Steamed cauliflower (topped with parmasean cheese)
White corn

Salad & Bread:
Red jello with raspberries, and whipped cream on top
Homemade strawberry jam

Strawberry lemonade
Milk (we always used to dye it pink!)
White hot chocolate (my husband's drink of choice)

Of course, you could always do chicken instead of a red meat sauce, or omit the meat altogether and do pasta with a creamy Alfredo sauce (yummy recipe here). The point is to get creative, and have fun throwing together a color-themed meal.

What other foods are you going to add to your menu?