"Baby Love" Baby Shower

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While visiting Salt Lake last week, I was able to attend/cohost my cousin's baby shower! Living so far away from family means missing out on lots of family events (womp womp). I was so excited I was in town for this family event.

The theme of the shower was "Baby Love."  All decorations were various shades of pink, red and gold and hearts everywhere! (pull our your valentines decorations people)

We played two games at the shower:

Guess how many M&M's are in the jar and 

"Don't say Baby."  Basically everyone wears a pink clothes pin and if you catch someone saying the word "baby" you snatch their pin.  The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins.  

Here is our mom sharing the winners of the "Guess How Many" game and "Don't Say Baby" game.  (Sorry your eyes are closed in the picture mom).  

For the food: 

 We had a Southwest Salad from Red Butte Cafe,

a veggie platter (thanks Allie & Sarah!), homemade rolls & lemonade.

For dessert we had mint brownies, sugar cookies and lemon cookies.  Guys, the lemon cookies had lemon heads in them, what?!  My cousin Stephanie made the lemon and sugar cookies and they were so good!  She owns a catering company called Gatherings Delivered (@gatheringsdelivered).  If you are in the Salt Lake City area, you should definitely look into her catering company.  It was so nice to have her take care of some of the desserts.  Heck, we should have had her do the whole shower...

Also, we loved the mini "Baby Love" banner strung across the legs of the dessert stand.  We just cut out the letters with G's Silhouette, and sewed them together.
I had fun making the shower invitation.  It also made for a cute decoration so we framed it and displayed it by the food during the shower.    


The front room was where we opened gifts.  We had the soon-to-be-momma sit one one side of the fireplace.  What a perfect backdrop.  

On the dining table we had heart-imprinted pink, red and white rubber duckies floating in water.  The cherry on top for perfect shower decor, if you ask me. 

I mean, look at those two ducks kissing.  Totally un-staged.  

I mean, look at those two ducks kissing.  Totally un-staged.  

Lauren and Genevieve made our shower favors.  Two chocolate kisses wrapped in pink hearts.