{Simple} Homemade Strawberry Freezer Jam

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Freezer Jam is a classic family memory for me.  For as far back as I can remember, I remember making jam with my sisters and mom.  My mom would pull out every bowl in the house- big or small- and find every utensil somewhat resembling a spoon, and we would line up to stir batches of freezer jam.

 The goal was to make jam once a year, and when you have 7 people in one home:

homemade jam once a year + 7 mouths = a ton of jam.

I wish I had a picture of our downstairs freezer growing up for proof.  I'm pretty sure my parents bought a second freezer just to fit the years supply of jam.  
Because homemade freezer jam is that good.  

Last year, after Penelope was born, my mom came to help me transition into motherhood.  One day we made freezer jam, naturally.  It was the first time just the two of us made it (where were all my sisters??) and it was in my kitchen, not hers.  I felt so grown up (insert cheesy, smily emoji).  

Whew, I LOOK like I just had a baby- hello chubby cheeks.  Penelope is four days old here.  

 Turns out when you make a "normal" (not a years supply of jam for 7 people) jam is really easy to make.  Who knew?! 
red bowl + strawberry jam = not a very exciting picture 
I can't wait till Penelope is a little older and I can start making jam with her help.  For now she just crawls around at my feet and helps me lick the spoon.  Cavities are worth it right?? 

For the recipe, I just followed the simple instructions on the back of the Sure Jello Freezer Jam Box.
I  bought mine at the grocery store for a couple bucks.

As you can see above I was real lazy with the "mashing" part of jam making process.  I just threw the strawberries in the blender for a few seconds until they were "practically smooth" and called it good.  It saved so much time. 

Do you have any family memories spent in the kitchen? 


  1. I relate to this post! Whenever we run out of jam, I stop everything I am doing to make more (raspberry for this girl). I even got my dad in on the jam making once right after having a baby. (You know my dad, so you know how shocking it was to have him helping make jam.) Turns out we are related, Robyn.

    1. No way! Uncle Lee?? haha I love that! Raspberry Jam is Andrew's favorite as well. I however, think smashing up raspberries and covering them in sugar is a waist. :) -r