The First of April

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As a kid, April First was probably the most dreaded day ever (well, besides the first day of middle school when you realized recess was a thing of the past...). There was always one kid who spent the whole year planning and scheming to pull pranks on his classmates the entire day.

The thing is, April Fools Day doesn't have to completely and terribly awful. I've complied some of my all time favorite "pranks" to play on your family and friends.

I go for the tricks that don't take months of planning - most of the ideas listed below can be prepared the night before! And, these tricks will still leave you with friends by the end of the day (whoever thought that prank of putting toothpaste inside Oreos was a good idea definitely lost some friends when he tested it out).

1. Cereal bag swap: Switch the bags of cereal so they are all in the wrong boxes.

2. The Run Around: Set this prank up ahead of time by telling the kids you're planning on having some painting done around the house. Then, before they come home from schoo, put up two signs: one of the front door ("Wet Paint - Use Back Door"), and the back door ("Wet Paint - Use Front Door." Then see how many times they'll run around the house trying to get in. (*This prank was shared by a friend)

3. "Grilled Cheese": Click here for step-by-step instructions. Even though it's delicious cake and frosting, it'll totally catch someone by surprise who is expecting a savory lunch. (My sisters and I actually pulled this one over on my dad and little brother one year. The grilled cheese sandwiches look SO REAL!)

4. Cheetos?: Cut the bottom of a cheetos bag and replace the chips with thinly sliced carrot sticks. Glue the bottom of the bag back together again. (Or you could switch the chips with another bag and reseal the bottom.)

5. Drawer Switch: Move your husband's or kid's drawers around so they can't find what they're looking for in the morning.

6. Frozen Cereal: Freeze your child's cereal the night before. They'll be in for a surprise!

7. Confetti Surprise!: Place piles of confetti on top of the fan blades so that when someone turns it on, they're in for a pleasant surprise!

8. Candy?: Put a bowl of Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese's Pieces in a bowl in the break room (or kitchen). See how many friends you have left by the end of the day...

And I just thought this one was plain funny. Totally would have gotten me as a kid!
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What other ideas are you planning on doing, or have pulled over on your friends in the past?