Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

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The cherry blossoms in Tokyo have arrived!  It seems that it's all anyone's been able to talk about since we moved here.  So much anticipation.  Bakeries bake pastries with cherry blossoms on top, gelato stores have cherry-blossom-flavored gelato, the list goes on and on.  I think it's common knowledge that as soon as the blossoms come, everyone will take a "sick day" from work just to go see the blossoms.  In fact, there is actually a word for this season - we are literally in the middle of "flower watching season."


I convinced my husband to play hooky from work and visit Ueno Park, where there are thousands of cherry blossom trees lining the walks.  It is known as a top location to see the cherry blossoms.  We went on a grey day in the middle of the week, and still were fighting crowds.  This park also is full of museums and Japanese shrines, rounding out the Japanese cultural experience.   Oh, and ladies in kimonos.  You'd think this was a thing of the past, but I probably see a woman in a kimono, just out and about on the subway or something, at least once every day.  


Well, whats more inspiring that cherry blossoms for a little paper crafting project?  Continuing in my Japanese crafting theme (see last week's post for my creation with washi tape) I thought I'd try out origami.  I used this tutorial, and definitely recommend the video version.   I had fun using the origami cherry blossoms to decorate boxes and cards that I've been giving to my neighbors and friends this week.  If I've learned anything about Japan, it's that everyone loves the cherry blossoms!  It's turned out to be a great way to make friends.