How to: Swap out a ribbon for one your really like

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Last summer Lauren's baby Tagg had the cutest fedora.  

Lucky for us, Tagg grew out of it quickly and then gave it to Penelope. 
(See original Insagram post here.)  

The day has come, and it is now too small for Penelope (sad emoji).   I began my hunt for a new fedora and couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere.  We are soaking up sun in Arizon this week so the clock was ticking.  I needed to find a hat.  

I settled on this hat.
The only problem was, I wasn't in love with the tacky pink rope glued to the hat.  So i decided to replace it.    

Now, I understand this is simple enough to figure out by yourself, if your crafter that is.  But if your not, like me, a little tutorial wouldn't hurt.  

1.  Start by carefully pulling of the previous ribbon, or rope in my case.  I noticed that if i tugged too hard where the rope was glued it would start to pull up the thread.

Penelope loved her new toy:  "a rope, just for meeeee?"
Also, those chunky legs!

2. Pick your ribbon and prep it.  My ribbon needed to be ironed.  

This ribbon was given to us 3+ years ago on a wedding gift.  I love this ribbon.  Am I the only who still recycles ribbon?

3.  Finish the edges.  If you wanted to get really fancy I suppose you could whip out your sewing machine for this, or you could burn the edges or us nail polish.

4.  Put a couple of small dots on your ribbon and slowly go around the hat placing the ribbon where you would like it.  I forgot to take a picture of this part.  Sorry.  

TaDa...The final product.