Father's Day {Free} Popcorn Printable

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Who else is looking forward to Father's Day?  It's later this year than I thought.  Mark your calendars for June 21st!  That's the day to celebrate your Dad, let him know how much you love him and care!  Or, do it today.  Can't hurt.  Maybe I'll finally stick my Dad's birthday card in the mail... that I've been sitting on for three months... Sending mail from a foreign country is intimidating, ok?  I digress.

So somehow I ended up with the responsibility of providing the Father's Day gift for all the men at church.  To be honest, I didn't realize this was even a "thing."  I thought only the moms got presents at church.  Anyway, somehow I got the job, which I actually am quite happy about because really I love doing this sort of thing, especially when it's on someone else's budget.  After a little collaboration with our in-house-graphic-designer-sister-of-mine (Robyn) we came up with something I think is adorable!  In fact, we hope you love it too, so we're offering it as a free downloadable printable!

I know many of our readers are leaders of some group or another that could use a quick and easy Father's Day gift like this.  Whether it's your Sunday School class, youth group, or littles of your own, this makes the perfect present for Dad.  Don't forget to tag us in your pictures so we can see the smile this popping printable puts on your Pop's face!

Download full resolution picture,  here.