How to Hang {Rainbow}Tissue Flowers

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There are so many tutorials on Pinterst for how to make tissue flowers.  If you don't need to look up a tutorial, chances are its because you made them when you were little.  
Tissue paper flower are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for a party, a child's room in your home, for a school activity, etc...  The one thing I couldn't find on Pinterest is a way to hang these flowers that isn't permanent.  

It may seem really simple, but we used clear thumb tacks!!!  We made a loop in the string and then poked the thumb tack thru the loop in the string and into the ceiling.  They hung like a champs for the party and I have since moved them into the playroom where they have been hanging every since (a month later).  They are not going to fall anytime soon.  

Check back in to see what the playroom looks like with the tissue flowers and other new additions.

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Have you ever made tissue flowers for a party?