One Year Old {Rainbow} Birthday Party

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Welcome to Penelope's Birthday Party! 
I have been planning Penelope's 1st Birthday Party since before she was born.  This long anticipated day would be full of good friends, good food, matching party decorations and most important, the smash cake! 

I wanted to host a joint birthday party for all of Penelope's friends (since they all turned one around the same time) and decided to have each baby be a "color" in the rainbow.  Notice that each color is one of Penelope's friends heads, Penelope is the purple head. 

{If you want a custom print for your own rainbow party, click here}

I decorated with any rainbow inspiration I could find.  

Tissue Paper Flowers...

Polka dot blocks of color in rainbow order...

Even some of Penelope's toys...

I couldn't keep myself from adding these blocks to the decorations.  You can make your own by following this tutorial.  


The rainbow cake was surprisingly easy to make.  Tune in Wednesday for a tutorial to show you how to make one yourself. 


"somewhere over the rainbow....

I love how the smash cakes turned out.  See the upcoming Friday post for a tutorial on how to make this smash cake.  

I was having the hardest time coming up with the perfect centerpiece, until it hit me... the babies need to be the centerpiece!  

{If you want a custom print for your own rainbow party, click here}

For the games we had a tunnel, a baby scooter, and a parachute with balls.  The babies went c.r.a.z.y. for the parachute.

Shout out to my momma friends. These ladies have been my life-line this past year.  We have been getting together every other week for the past year or so to have a "Playdate" for our babies.  But, in reality, this was a support group for the mommas.  We would arrive with concerns, stress, and feelings of inadequacy.  We always leave feeling like we are doing the best we can and we are awesome at being mommas.

The highlight of the party was definitely the smash cakes.

purple baby toes

Red hair and blue lips.  Doesn't get much cuter then that.  

Stay tuned for the tutorials on how I pulled it all together.