Rainbow Smash Cake {Tutorial}

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When I first decided to make a smash cake I had glorious visions of making the cake healthy for my baby girl.  The reasoning was that my baby hadn't had a lot of sugar up until this point and she may go into "sugar coma" upon eating an entire smash cake.  

My friend Colette over at Meal Mom has a lovely healthy smash cake recipe if your into that.   
And I fully support you if you are into that....   

I got over that vision pretty fast.   After reality sank in and we celebrated Penelope's birthday a week earlier with the Grandparents and the above cute face turned into ... 

... this cute little face.  
Needless to say, Penelope was not  impressed with her tiny little smash cake and started crying when Dad smeared icing all over her face.   

Knowing that Penelope wasn't going to actually eat the cake and it was really just for pictures, I decided to go with a white box cake.  

I decided to do a white cake because if she did end up eating some cake I didn't want it to look like poop (aka chocolate cake).   That's why I decided to make the Rainbow Cake Chocolate! 

Here are my tips for the smash cakes:

1. The Pan

I wanted something slightly larger then the a cupcake pan and landed on a beehive pan I already owned.  

the cake stand

2. Storage and The Cake Stand

I made these cakes a couple days before the party and stored them in a large tupperware in the fridge. I also cut out individual circles out of paper plates for the "cake stands".  This made it so I could transport the cakes from place to place and the babies couldn't break them when it came time to eat their cake.   

3. Frost the cakes  

I made cream cheese frosting and used gel food coloring.  I love this food coloring set, each color is so vibrant! 

4.  Picture Backdrop 

It was important to me to incorporate the theme into the Smash Cake Pictures.   Therefore, I cut a bunch of polka dot paper into circles and taped them in rainbow order on the wall behind the babies.  My friend also brought her outdoor blanket that was rainbow colors! Perfect!!!!


Sure enough, at the Joint Rainbow Birthday Party, Penelope starting crying and didn't eat her cake again.   

This photo is out of focus because I was laughing so hard! 

 To see the full Birthday Party Post go here.  For a tutorial on the rainbow cake go here.


  1. That last picture!! Too cute :) Love the colors of the cakes - might have to invest in some of that food coloring for my pantry.

    1. Yes yes do! I use it for everything. The colors are so vibrant! Penelope was in full body distress just looking at that cake. ;)