{Travel to} San Francisco: Bob's Donuts

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In honor of National Donut Day (June 5 if you haven't marked your calendar yet...),  I wanted to share one of my favorite donut shops in San Francisco: Bob's Donuts.

Open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, this hole-in-the-wall donut shop has the best donuts in town (if you don't believe me, Yelp can back me up on this one). And unfortunately, it's about 2 blocks away from my house so my husband and I go all. the. time. We always like to go when they are pulling donuts out of the fryer - usually around 10 pm (although the later you go, the more donuts you'll have to choose from). Of course you can go any hour of the day, but there's something about going to Bob's and telling the cashier, "I'll take whatever's hot."

Little did we know that Bob's would become one of our go-to spots. When we first moved here, we'd go off and on and enjoy the same donut over and over again, and didn't really understand the hype of the place. But once we started branching out and trying some of the other donuts, Bob's became an obsession. As much as I hate to admit it, we'd go 2 even 3 times a week! It also became the spot we took all our guests that came to visit.

Last December, Elephant & Chick even stopped by Bob's a couple times. My sisters and I were together in San Francisco for a hot minute. and couldn't pass up a delicious fresh treat that was only $1.

Like I said, when I first started going to Bob's, I knew nothing about donuts. I thought all donuts came in one of two varieties: Krispy Kreme Glazed, or Dunford Chocolate (you can tell I grew up in Salt Lake City). Slowly but surely, I started to learn that there are many types of donuts. Yes you could argue that they are essentially just fried dough with frosting, but at Bob's, they are so much more. Different shapes, different textures, different flavors - where do you even begin??

If you're ever in San Francisco, make sure to stop by Bob's. At least just walk in and take in the heavenly smell. Seriously though: best. donuts. ever. If you're like me and get overwhelmed at places where there are lots of choices, you can try one of my favorites. I've narrowed it down to four:

The Old-Fashioned
Light and airy, this donut is always consumed within minutes. The maple glazed have always been my favorite, but of course they offer chocolate and plain glazed as well.

The Raised
How can you describe the perfect raised donut - light, fluffy, chewy, delicious.

The Jelly Filled
I'm not usually one to jump for the jelly filled donuts, but at Bob's, it's different. The raspberry filling is delicious and doesn't over power the rest of the donut.

The Apple Fritter
Truth be told, this is my all-time favorite. It tastes like a cinnamon roll, and there are actually bits of apple baked inside the braided dough. Be sure to get it when it's hot, or heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds.

If you're an advanced Bob's connoisseur, here's a few more for you to try:
- Buttermilk maple
- Cinnamon sugar cruller (tastes like a churro)
- Crumb donut (voted best donut by some guy who likes donuts)
- Donut holes

But if you're feeling super adventurous, you can pay $7 for a donut the size of your head. I have yet to try one myself, but I'm thinking of serving that as my birthday cake next year. I mean, who wouldn't want a slice of that?