4th of July Printable- God Bless America

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The 4th of July is my most favorite holiday.  I don't know what it is: the day off of work, picnic food, staying up late, parades, fireworks... the works.  It has all the makings of the best day.

Pittsbugh, download here.

Growing up, my family would spent the weekend at The Cabin in the mountains of Kamas, Utah.  A lot of my extended family have cabins all in the same neighborhood so we would bounce in-between the families' cabins during the weekend: a bite of pasta salad here, a cookie there, a plate of scones or Pace Bars there, all while floating down the Prover River on your way to playing "Pooh sticks" and the player piano at the Red cabin, which is brown, mind you.

Salt Lake City, download here

My husband's family celebrates by having breakfast at the Brighton Ski Resort while listening to musician play the guitar with his hands and drums with his feet at the same time.  The mountains are perfect, the weather is slightly chilly and you are surrounded by those you love.

San Antonio, download here

The last three 4th of July's we have spent in Texas making new and exciting memories.  We don't have mountains, chilly mornings, extended or immediate family or a river to float down, but it is still one of my favorite holidays.  It is amazing how we adapt as humans, isn't it?  We are use to doing something all of our life, then we get married, adapt a little more, and then move across the country and adapt even more.  It is in these moments we can decided if we want to adapt to remain happy or we can try and recreate the past and be miserable. Change is hard. Growing up is hard.  But trying to stay in the past makes unhappy and we miss so much of life in the present.

Wow, that was deep.  Enough of that.

San Francisco, download here

As I was searching for inspiration for the 4th of July printable, I was in a pink mood.  Boy oh boy, I hope you are too!  With this printable you have 4 city options you can download: San Francisco, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, & Pittsburgh.  These locations are based off of where you, our readers, live. (Comment below if you want a heart in a different location - i'll make one just for you!  So you can download it too!)

Arizona, here

Seattle, here

I had so much fun with the printable and want to see where you put it in our home.  #elephantandchick

Happy 4th y'all!

P.S. If you are wondering where my favorite place to print this printable is, it is Costco a 5x7 is a whole whopping 59¢. So download this printable, send it into Costco and get it.  You deserve it.