It's Princess Week! DIY Cute Girl Tutus

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Sooo I was thinking..since we did the princess crowns earlier this week, why not just keep going with this theme and make this Princess Week?!  Plus...I really wanted to use tulle and what better way to use tulle then to make cute little tutus!

The idea for making a tutu came when my mom and I were signing up for Millie's Princess Run hosted by the Millie Princess Foundation.  It's the cutest little run where everyone (well most) dresses up like a princess/prince and run a 5K.  Real Princesses and Prince Charmings' are present and it's all about raising money to help kids with cancer.  It's a cute story and click on the links to learn more about it!  But previous years I've always wanted to make a tutu to run in but I've thought of it too late.  As the original idea was a tutu for myself, I decided everything is cuter when it's on a little one!

Just to clarify, I only do crafts if they're straight forward and simple.  (Maybe I'll branch out eventually and chances are with my sisters, I probably will someday!)  This project (again) only requires two different things!

Somehow I got the idea in my head that I could do this, and I have no idea how I was able to make it happen, but if I can do it, so can you! The longest part was prepping everything, after that it goes really fast.

To begin, I ran over to the craft store to grab my supplies and the most unbelievable thing happened!  I was walking through the fabric section and I looked to the shelves and saw a dream of a poster: "All tulle, ribbon,....50% off sale price."  I was so excited, and it happened to be perfect timing.  I had an idea in mind before I went to the store on how to make a tutu, but completely changed it to something so simple and easy.  I decided to buy 3 different colors of tulle already on the spool (each spool had 12 yards of tulle on it) and a spool of cute ribbon I found.

I started by measuring the ribbon to my waist, adding enough to tie a bow ensuring I'd have plenty when it came to putting it on a child's waist.  I then put clear nail polish on the ends of the ribbon so they wouldn't fray when I was working with them later.

While I set that to dry, I started cutting the tulle into same lengths (just shy of a foot long is what I did.  The length you choose depends on how long you want the tutu to come down your child's leg).  I did the full 3 spools of tulle and had some left over.

Next, tie the two separated ends together with a simple knot:

After the pieces are all tied, I basically treated the ribbon like a string and the tool like beads and started threading on the the tool pieces alternating colors.

And just like that, you have an adorable tutu:

I started making this tutu about an hour before I needed to leave for work and finished with 15 minutes to spare!  It really is so straightforward and turns out super cute.  And I happened to choose tool with glitter and I'm finding it everywhere, but it's just so adorable!

And while we're at it, look how easy it is to make a wand for your little one using three things:

different lengths of ribbon
some kind of wood stick (this was just a left over from a Home Depot project)
a screw with a loop at the top.

Simply screw the the screw into the top of chosen wood stick, tie ribbons and viola! You have a wand.

Hope you've had fun with princess week!! I want to see pictures (so send them to us!) if you make any of these easy crafts!!