Kids Craft--Cute Homemade Crown

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I'm a nanny and at one of the houses I nanny at, I saw the most ridiculously cute craft and it is SOOO simple to make!!  I did this with a three-year-old and she rocked it!

You need to two things:

Clothes-pins and burlap.

These clothes-pins were already colored, but depending on the age of the child I think it would be interesting (and more of a longer project) to take time and paint the wood clothes-pins.  These are also mini clothes-pins but I'm sure either size will work.  Pictured are 40 clothes-pins (amount depends on spacing).  The burlap pictured is enough to wrap around my head plus some.

Sitting at the table, I showed her how to put the clothes pins on to the burlap just along the top.  After some time and couple of pep talks that she really could do this, she was cruising and doing it all by herself!

Spacing is totally open for creativity:

After she had finished, I helped her overlap the two ends of burlap to fit the size of her head and clothes-pinned both sides of the burlap together (it doesn't matter if both sides are done, I did it to ensure that it stayed put!)


And check it: you have a super cute crown!

This was the perfect craft for this three-year-old.  Once she figured out how to work the clothes-pins, she loved it and stuck with it for quite some time.  She'd put some on, take them off again and redo it over and over again.  Sometime's it'd slip, but one I reminded her what we were making she kept going with it.

And yes.. you better believe I fitted it to my head for a picture: