{Breakfast}: Homemade Acai Bowls

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Growing up, breakfast wasn't really my thing. My sisters would always make crepes or German pancakes, but I would much rather eat an early lunch rather than eat breakfast. Once we moved to San Francisco though, I fell in LOVE with all things breakfast. My favorite restaurants in the city are my favorite places to enjoy brunch.

This week on Elephant & Chick, we are going to share some of our favorite breakfast ideas you can make right at home. They are easy enough to pull together on a busy morning, and will keep you full until lunch. Without any further ado, my new personal favorite: Homemade Acai Bowls.

I have a coworker who is obsessed with acai bowls. She makes one almost every morning in the office, and that's where I first learned about them. Acai berries (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) are a superfood containing antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. 

A few months ago, my husband and I wanted to try them out for ourselves, so we bought some frozen acai packets. We found a 10-pack at Costco for about $10. These bowls are so easy to put together, and they are so fun to eat! I mean, who doesn't eating a bowl full of fruit and granola?

Acai Bowls
Serves 2

1 packet acai berry
1 cup blueberries
1-2 bananas
1/4 cup milk (my fave is coconut milk)

Fruit, granola, coconut, honey, nuts, chia seeds

Add all "bowl" ingredients to the blender and mix until pureed. Pour mixture into two bowls, and add toppings.

Lately, we've been experimenting with different things to add to our bowls. Try adding a handful of spinach, or 2 tbls peanut butter to the blender before you mix. It will keep you full longer, and will mix things up during the week. What other things do you like to add to your bowls?