"Home is where your Mother is" & "Families are the Lord's Workshop on Earth" {Free Printable} I Yogurt Bar Mothers Day Celebration

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To top off our breakfasts week, we wanted to end with a yogurt bar party. Nothing says "trendy" quite like a yogurt bar.  Turns out it is super simple to put together.   

We started with three different kinds of yogurt: greek (from Costco), plain & strawberry (from Trader Joe's).     

Then we added two different kinds of granola for options: Chocolate and Berry. 

We finished off with two berries: strawberries and blueberries.  

We really liked the look of the same berries in a couple different dishes, at differing heights.  

The definite cherry on top was the DIY chalkboard and banner my friend, Page made.   Super simple, but speaks volumes for the over all feel of the party.  We added some green planters to both sides of the table and a chalkboard sign to each food item.  I love knowing what I am going to eat before I dig into it, don't you?    

My favorite part of the party were the two gold prints (okay, I may be a little bias).  

You can download the one to the left here, and the one to the right here.  

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