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We are excited today to feature a friend and fellow blogger, Martha, of iamaworkingmomblog.com!  I was featured on her blog last week as part of her "Moms to Marvel" series (link here) and am excited to share with you a little more of what Martha's all about.

Elephant & Chick is a blog representing four sisters, of which I am one.  We're all living in different places, experiencing different phases of life and all in different ways.  Our values and love for each other keep us together despite the distance and time and for that I couldn't be more grateful.  I'm thankful to my sisters for loving me and the decisions I'm making in my life, and strive to give them the same respect.

As soon as I caught wind of Martha's new series, "Moms to Marvel" series, I felt like it was perfectly in line with how I felt about life and mothering.  It's all about sharing individual stories of moms and how they're choosing to navigate this thing we call life, being the best mom they can be along the way, whether that does or doesn't involve time in the workplace.

Here's a little more about Martha and why she started the "Moms to Marvel" series:

As soon as I had to wrestle with the concept of becoming a working mom my admiration for working mothers  (especially my own mom!) went off the charts. Ostensibly I knew that these women-- my peers, friends and colleagues--were juggling a lot as new mothers, but prior to having my own kids I thought it was mostly a logistical hassle.  I didn't really have any empathy for things like the emotional aspect of leaving your children in the hands of other caretakers, the guilt different groups within society made you feel for either  "choosing to de-prioritize" your kids or your career, and tackling this heavy stuff while managing the sheer madness of day-to-day motherhood.

I'm lucky to live in California where I got to bask in 20 weeks of maternity leave before making a decision about the next steps for my career. Yet so many women I know, specifically in the USA, don't have that luxury, heading back to work mere weeks after giving birth. And some of the women who I expected to go back to the office didn't, and some who I expected to stay home decided to go back to the office. Or start their own business.  Or quit everything and drive around the country for 6 months in an RV. Everyone one has a unique story, and each time I learn more about my fellow moms, I want to hear everything about how they made these big decisions and where they are headed next. Thus, my Moms to Marvel series was born. Moms are amazing, their stories need to be heard!

And a little more about Martha, the creator of the blog:
Martha Marie is the creator of i am a working mom blog. She works days at a global retail corporation, managing a team of buyers that support the international e-commerce website. Evenings and weekends (and of course, the middle of the night)  are spent with her husband Brandon and her daughter, who she affectionately calls the Bear.
Martha spent much of her free time during pregnancy, maternity leave, and now work, scouring the internet for mommy tips, tricks and empathy. Her nearest family members are several states away, and she and her husband are navigating their first child on their own in the heart of San Francisco– a magical city, but a city with more shops and resources dedicated to dogs than babies.
One evening Martha was online and came across the following question posted in a mothers group: “can anyone recommend a good blog for working moms?”  The usually gregarious group of mothers was silent, despite the large number of members who were working women. Many responded with “following!” and the inspiration was planted. Just like herself, other working moms were looking for a place to commiserate, be inspired and unite!
While her experiences may not apply to every mom or working woman, i am a working mom blog is a place where Martha, (and with some luck, many other moms!) will share the realities of the working mom experience.
As a working mom myself, I have become passionate about the topic and feel I speak for more than just myself when I say "thank you" to Martha for the extra work she's taking on to help working moms come together.  I think her tag line says it all: "I work hard, I mom hard."  We hope you check out her blog and see for yourself!

All photos taken by Cristin More Photography (link here)