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Halloween is a big deal around our house.  Carving pumpkins is my husband's absolute favorite; he starts talking about it when he sees the pumpkins start to roll-out at our grocery store in September.  

There are a lot of other things we like to do around the Halloween/ Fall season, but never seem to get to them.  I think it's because we keep pushing them off till later in the month and then run out of time.  Well, not this year! Insert "Elephant and Chick's Countdown to Halloween Printable"!!!!  My one sure way of guaranteeing nothing will be forgotten this year.    

Below I have listed all the different things we want to do this season.   I decided to tape this printable on my fridge so I can be sure to do something "October-ish" every day.  

You can download the free printable here

 Countdown to Halloween Printable Activities: 

1.   Decorate The House
2.   Visit a Pumpkin Patch
3.   Paint/Carve Pumpkins
4.   Have a Bonfire
5.   Bake a Homemade Pie
6.   Make Caramel Apples
7.   Have a Scary Movie Marathon
8.   Go on a Hayrack Ride
9.   Make Hot Apple Cider
10.  Host a Sunday Football Party
11.  Make Chili
12.  Dance to “Thriller”
13.  Decorate Halloween Cupcakes
14.  Make and Decorate Haunted House
15.  Make Pumpkin Bread
16.  Host Halloween Party
17.  Read Halloween Gift
18.  Go Trick-or-Treating
19.  Go to a Corn Maze
20.  Donate to Food Drive
21.  Make Pumpkin Pie Play Dough
22.  Make Squash Ravioli
23.  Go Apple Picking
24.  Create Artwork From Fallen Leaves
25.  Roast Pumpkin Seeds
26.  Take a Fall Family Photo
27.  Go on a Bike Ride
28.  Play Spooky Bowling
29.  Make Glow Pumpkin Mason Jars
30.  Make Q-tip Skeleton Pictures
31.  Go Trick-or-Treating

Did I forget your favorite October Activity?

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  1. Love this idea. A fun decoration for the fridge too! I will miss carving pumpkins with you guys this year for sure.