{DIY} Colored Pencil Holder

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We are discovering coloring at our house.  It's both terrifying and exciting at the same time.  So many possibilities for one-year-old distractions, but equally as many possibilities for major messes and cleaning for mom.  I think we'll take our chances though.  We (I) decided colored pencils are the safest medium, so of course I had to make a cute carrier for them.  

This holder is easy, requires zero sewing, and came together in an afternoon.  I chose to use a soft, fabric variation of burlap, paired with adorable fabric from Stampin' Up, and a neutral tie.  Use whatever patterns and fabrics match your style when making your own.  With it being a new-sew project, you'll also need a hot glue gun and an iron.  If you want, you can involve some sort of measuring tool, but I'm more of an eye-it kind of a gal when it comes to projects like these.

Start by deciding how many pencils you want your carrier to hold.  Then cut your burlap and fabric accordingly.  You'll want to add about an inch on ever side of the burlap to account for the rolled hems, and cut the patterned fabric twice as big as you measure (you'll fold it in half).  Next, use your iron to created rolled hems on all four sides of the burlap.  Then, fold your patterned fabric in half and iron it.  The folded edge will be the top, and will create a nice clean edge, without having to sew a hem.

After folding over and ironing down the edges, place the patterned fabric under the bottom hem.  With your glue gun, start at one side and place a line of glue every inch or so.  This will create the pockets for the pencils.  Finish up the holder by securing all four sides of the burlap with hot glue, making sure to insert the patterned fabric when you get around to that edge.

Lastly, roll it up, measure where you want the tie, and glue it on!

What is it about having something so cute in my bag of tricks that makes the potential mess seem that much less daunting?