DIY Baby Owl Costume

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Today I am sharing the DIY Baby Owl Costume I made for Penelope last year for Halloween.  My sister Genevieve was in town visiting and we were able to whip it out during one of her naps!

This is a very easy and inexpensive costume to make! But don't let that fool you - hello adorable! 

What you will need:
1.  Three different kinds of felt.  I used dark purple, grey and light pink.
2. Owl feather template. I just started drawing triangles until I came up with a shape I liked. 
3. Pencils and scissors.  Trace and cut out the feathers. 
4. Pins, a sewing needle, and thread.  Used to pin and sew on the feathers.
5. A shirt of your choice to sew the feathers onto. I used a 6-month sized onesie
6. Pants. I choose grey pants to coordinate with the feathers.
7. An owl hat. My mom made Penelope's hat following an Etsy template I purchased.  Find a similar template here.    

Step by step Instructions: 

1. Make your feather template and begin tracing your feathers on desired felt. Continue cutting out feathers and laying them on your shirt till you achieve desired look.  I choose three different kinds of felt and cut 18 grey feathers, 13 purple feathers, & 15 light pink feathers.  

Face-timing with "Nannie Shannie" and Tagg in San Francisco. 
2. Place feathers on desired shirt alternating colors randomly.  Start from the waits and work your way to the top of the shirt.  Be sure to measure where your child's waist hits and start the feathers right above where their pants meet their shirt.  See below.   

One tip is to add in a little "bend" to the rows of feathers and not make strict rows.  You want the feathers to look natural, not laid out. 

3. Hand sew on feathers.  

The finished product!  Viola!

Penelope modeling on halloween.   

She learned how to sit up a week before these pictures were taken - perfect timing!

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  1. I love that picture of us Facetiming! What a gem. I can't believe how much she has grown in the past year. Such a cute costume idea!

  2. Oh my! That squishy little baby! Miss her..but seriously this costume is so great!

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. It was one of my favorites too!