{Do, See, Eat}: Lake Tahoe in Autumn

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Have you guys ever been to Lake Tahoe? If you haven't yet, put it on your list of places to go before you die. Actually, scratch that - put it at the top of your list for places to visit next year. My husband and I spent a long weekend there earlier this month, and can't stop thinking about how beautiful the lake was and the incredible views we saw.

Most people visit Lake Tahoe in the summer or the winter. Cameron and I visited Tahoe the first weekend in October, and I'm convinced it's the best time to go. It's warm enough that you can still play in the water, the crowds aren't unbearable, and it cools off at night so you can enjoy sitting in the hot tub (one of my vacation musts!).

If you ever find yourself in Tahoe in the fall - or any season for that matter - here are things to include on your to-do list:

Do: Kayak
See: Emerald Bay
Eat: Azul Latin Kitchen

DO: Kayak

We rented kayaks from Tahoe City Kayak in Sand Harbor. It was the perfect way to enjoy the lake without actually getting in the lake. I found a Groupon to rent a tandem kayak for 3 hours for $40. Not a bad gig! Our arms were sore the rest of the weekend, but it was definitely worth it.

SEE: Emerald Bay

There are so many hikes in Tahoe, we had such a difficult time deciding which one to do. Take my advice though and don't miss Emerald Bay (located on the southwest corner of the lake). The view is stunning. I've never seen water that blue before! There is a paved road you can hike down to the beach (about 1 mile). We continued on the Rubicon Trail for another few miles or so, then turned around and came back. We went early to beat the crowds (parking is a beast!), and packed a lunch to enjoy later on our hike. We made a mini cheese plate right in the middle of the woods!

EAT: Azul Latin Kitchen

We found some pretty amazing food in the short weekend we were in Tahoe. One of our favorites was Azul Latin Kitchen (California Style Mexican food). We sat next to a personal campfire and enjoyed our Queso Fundido and taco sampler (coconut pork, lomo, and thai curry). They have live music every night, which made it a fun spot to hang out at for the evening.

Any other things you would add to my list?