Halloween Toddler Activities

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This Halloween Penelope (18months), is finally old enough to do some themed activities to celebrate Halloween.

We are having a few family friends over that have children Penelope's age and decided to throw a "Halloween Carnival" before it gets dark and we head out trick-or-treating.  

Dinner is going to be simple: order Dominos pizza with potluck-style sides and desserts.  

As for the Halloween Carnival activities, see below for my board of inspiration:

Footprint Ghosts {via}
Dip the child's foot in white paint, stamp onto black paper, outline with a white crayon, and draw on a face.  VoilĂ , you've got little ghost footprints to remember their Halloween by for years to come.  

Edible Eyes {via
I love how messy-yet-contained this activity is.  Not to mention tasty!  You could even do orange Jell-o if you wanted to use Halloween colors.     

Slimy Halloween Spaghetti {via} 
Cold Spaghetti feels so slimy and gooey - what more do you need for a Halloween activity?!  Dying the pasta is easier then you might think.

Spider's Web Discovery Basket {via}
I think in addition to the spider's web on top of the laundry basket, I'll add in some Halloween activities on the bottom of the basket: mini pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, etc... basically anything I can find in the dollar bins at Target.   

Ghost Scooping {via
Penelope is so into anything having to do with utensils and bowls; therefore, this activity was made for her!  This activity would hold her attention for a good 20 minutes - which in "toddler time" is like an entire day.  

Ghost Bowling {via
Cut out some construction paper eyes and mouth, stick them onto some toilet paper from under your bathroom sink and grab a pumpkin off your front porch and you're ready for this activity! 

Pumpkin Water Table {via
Getting wet is a toddler's favorite.  Why not make it festive by throwing in some pumpkins and squashes? 

I hope you enjoy this round up of Halloween Toddler activities.  What activities are you doing this Halloween?

-see Penelope's Halloween costume last year here-