DIY Sewn Felt Slippers

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I have the cutest niece and I wanted to give her something extra special for Christmas this year. I found a DIY for hand sewn slippers and they looked so cute I had to give them a try! They took a little longer to make than I planned, but they were totally worth it. I can't wait to give them to her on Christmas!

DIY Felt Hand-Sewn Slippers

- Piece of felt, whatever color you want
- Chalk pen or pencil (I used a sharpie...)
- Needle and thread

1. Print template. Measure the bottom length of the recipient's flat shoe and cut the template to match. Trace onto felt with chalk pen. Cut out slippers including T-shaped slit.

2. Fold felt in half lengthwise. Thread needle and stitch around the toe leaving the back heel open (left picture below).

3. Pinch heel closed and sew from the top of the heel to the bottom. Leave about 1/2 - 1 inch open at the bottom (right picture below).

4. Now it gets a little tricky. Cut into the felt to create a flap at the heel (about 1/2 inch for smaller sizes, and 1 inch for larger sizes). A flap of fabric should be sticking out. Don't worry - this is correct!

5. Turn slipper inside out.

6. Round off the flap sticking out with scissors. Fold the flap up and sew to the outside of the slipper (right picture below).

7. Fold the cuff over the edge of the slipper and sew to slipper.

8. TIP: When you cut and sew your matching slipper, remember to flip the felt before you sew so the T-shaped slit is on the opposite side (so you end up with a right and a left slipper).

Adapted from Martha Stewart.