{Free Printable}: Thankful for Sweet Friends Like You

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Hello, friends! Can you believe it's already November?? I ordered a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks yesterday and got really excited that the holidays are just around the corner. What a great time of year! Yeah it's busy, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are always worth the hustle and bustle leading up.

November is a time to reflect on the things you are grateful for. Last year, my family made a "Grateful Tree" to remember all the things we were thankful for.

Today, I'm sharing a gift you can give to your friends to show them how thankful you are for their friendship. I made this FREE PRINTABLE that fits perfectly on top of a mini loaf of banana bread, or would be perfect for a plate of pumpkin cookies or chocolate brownies (can you tell I'm craving sweets right now?). Don't miss the perfect opportunity to show your friends how much you love them!

If you want to assemble a treat like mine, you'll need:

- a mini loaf of bread (my favorite is the Lion House Banana Bread recipe!)
- cellophane bags
- ribbon

After your bread cools completely, place it inside the cellophane bag, tie it shut with a bow, and tape the printable on top. Easy peasy!

To download a high quality file of the printable, click here. (As a reference, the size of the printable is perfect for a small loaf of bread. I recommend importing the pic to Word, and filling up a sheet of paper with how many prints you need to save paper).