Thanksgiving Table Settings

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By now your Thanksgiving menu is most likely finalized.  Turkey is thawing in the fridge,  recipes are underway and your master "oven schedule" of when the oven will be used for what is posted on the fridge for Thanksgiving Day.  Groceries are purchased and anxiously awaiting in the fridge.   You're feeling oddly on top of it this year.  Until it hits you, the tablescape! you completely forgot to plan out what your Thanksgiving table should look like!

Below you'll find a round up of tablescape ideas for our Thanksgiving table this year.

Place Settings:  

 I was watching the Rachel Ray Show the other day and saw this idea, and thought it was brilliant.  Wooden plate coasters!  The gal that introduced this segment on the show literally sawed individual wood plate coasters from a log, but if your not into that, i've seen these coasters at local craft stores around town (Hobby Lobby).  

You could even take it a step further and make wooden coasters for your cups as well.  

Napkin Ring and Name Card:

I love what our friends over at A Joyful Riot came up with for a Napkin Name Card.  Simply write your family member's name (or whom ever you are having Thanksgiving with) on a leaf in gold pen, and tie it around your napkin with a gemstone pendant.  Brilliant, simple and beautiful!  See the step by step tutorial here.   

Kids Table:

I love the idea A Blissful Nest had for a children's table: brown butcher paper as the table cloth and crayons as the centerpiece.  The children can color to their hearts content while eating Thanksgiving dinner and hopefully give you a few minutes of peace.     

Table Centerpiece:

No one does table settings better then Jenny Steffens over at Everyday Occasions.  I love this Thanksgiving table setting!  Tall candles with a variety of pumpkins down the center of the table.  Simple, yet elegant.  I like the idea of sitting at the table and being able to look at the guest across the table from me without having to move the centerpiece out of the way.  

What will your Thanksgiving table look like? 

p.s. Here is our thanksgiving menu.  

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  1. Jamie and I shared a laugh when we went to set the table on Thanksgiving as we remembered this excellent post. We really needed you to come help us make the table beautiful. We ended up with food as our decorations and centerpiece. We did go all out and fold the paper napkins.