{DIY} Paper Christmas Lights Garland

9:37 AM Elephant & Chick 0 Comments

Is anyone else in denial that Christmas is two weeks away from today?? I can't believe how fast the season has gone by - I don't want it to end! I only finished decorating my apartment this week!!

Every December, I try to make a  new DIY project to add to my apartment decorations. Last year, I made a Christmas tree out of washi tape. This year, I decided on a Paper Christmas Lights Garland.

Once I set my mind to it, it was actually fairly simple to put together. The first few lights took a little while to put together, but soon I was a paper-light-making machine! The tutorial I adapted this project from made this Christmas garland into an advent calendar. Very clever idea, but I was not interested in making 24 paper bulbs...

So I made 12 bulbs and simply used it as a festive garland. I am so happy with how it turned out! Don't get me wrong - the shape of each individual bulb is NOT perfect. But once you take a step back at look at it as a whole, you can't even tell. Don't get frustrated if you are a perfectionist like me!

Tutorial was adapted from The House that Lars Built. I was surprised that I had most of the supplies on hand too! I'm even tempted to take this garland to work to show it off to my coworkers...