3 Must-Do Activities in Phuket, Thailand

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I'm so excited to share some of my experiences from Phuket, Thailand with you all! My husband and I were there for about a week, and were able to pack in some pretty awesome adventures. There are so many hidden gems and I want to share our favorites with you!

Our good friends recommended this experience, and it quickly became our number one recommendation for anyone who ventures to Phuket. Professional guides paddle you around Phang Nga Bay on inflatable kayaks through sea caves to hidden lagoons. Say what?! It's an all-day activity, that includes lunch and dinner on the boat (probably the best Thai food we've ever had!). It is absolutely incredible. An added bonus? Transportation to and from the tour is included!

Tip: Sign up for the Hong by Starlight session. It is more expensive, but totally worth it. Trust me on this one.

Check out their reviews on Trip Advisor.

Experience #2: Elephant Trekking
Words can't even describe how amazing this experience was. Not only did we get to pet and ride the elephants, we fed them a basket full of whole pineapples, bananas, ears of corn, and papayas. When was the last time you got to do that? We booked our tour with Siam Safari.

Tip: Wait to book this until after you get to your hotel. Most hotels have discounts for various elephant trekking experiences. Choose one that is close to your hotel, and offers free transportation.

Check out their reviews on Trip Advisor.

Experience #3: Pat's Thai Cooking Class
Pat teaches her classes right in her own home. The class begins at the neighborhood market, where Pat will show/describe all of the ingredients you will be using in your dishes. Then, you head back to her house to make the dishes you selected before the class (I LOVED that I got to choose what dishes I wanted to learn how to make). Her kitchen is clean, open, and cool (a definite plus on a hot day!).

I actually loved the egg rolls so much, I posted the recipe on Elephant and Chick a couple months ago. Check out the full tutorial here (includes step-by-step picture guide on how to roll them too!).

Check out her reviews on Trip Advisor.

Egg roll recipe here!

Planning a trip can be SO TIME CONSUMING. So hopefully these tips give you a few ideas of activities you could add to your itinerary when you visit.

Click HERE to watch the full video from our trip. Password: E&C

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  1. Amazing. Love the pictures! Now I'm feeling the wander lust!

  2. Apart from jumping, snorkeling is another occasion that is mainstream at this place. In this occasion, you enter inside the water, yet don't go top to bottom. Rather, you stay close to the surface of water.