"You are What Happened When I Wished on a Star" [Baby Shower]

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I was honored to throw a baby shower for a dear friend this week.  Let me just tell you - being a crafter, throwing a party for a crafter, with a crafter has to be the best combination ever.  I had so much fun putting this shower together with these ladies.  Congratulations Erin!  We are so excited for you and your little boy, who will be arriving next month!

Theme: "You are What Happened When We Wished on a Star"
Color scheme: yellow, grey, blue

Food: Sandwich bar, fruit, salad, and desserts.  Erin loves cheesecake and cookie dough, so we made sure to serve something resembling each (I couldn't very well make a cheesecake - she's the pro!).  We had my favorite Creamy Lemon Cheesecake bars and cookie dough truffles.  

Games: Nursery Rhyme guessing game found here
Writing "wishes" for mom and baby for starlight diaper changes

And lastly, my new favorite element: a guest book.  Going along with our stars and nighttime theme, we had everyone sign "Goodnight Moon."  Now she has a commemorative book (with an actual purpose) to remember her shower by and all the women who love her and were there to support her at the time of her baby's arrival!

Cloud mobile decor:

Gift bags for winners of games and others who helped provide food:

My talented co-host designed this beautiful sentiment!  Feel free to save and use for your own star themed baby shower.  

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  1. Cute! Love the color scheme and overall theme. Some fun ideas for a baby shower!